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Ministry House Project

It has always been our dream for this ministry to be able to provide a meeting space and a place for individual & small group visits.  Imagine how surprised we were in the fall of 2018 when we first viewed the property and found this!  The listing simply said "outbuilding" and "shed".  When we visited, and walked down our dirt road to the back side of the property, the "shed" turned out to be this former workshop building, with working electricity.  On the second floor, though currently gutted and empty, you can see the layout of the former caretaker apartment, including the location of a bathroom and kitchen sink. 


We don't see a "shed"... but instead the possibility of a future fully equipped Ministry House.   Our dream is to turn both floors into usable space.   We envision this house being a place for couples, or individuals in ministry, to come stay and rest for a short term.   A little haven away from it all.  The burnout statistics of pastors, especially,  is way too high.  If we can do something in our little corner of the world to help, then we will!



Phase I - SPRING/SUMMER 2023


Start permitting process

Strip and replace roofing  $4000

Strip out & replace electrical

Seal all openings to the outside

Cut away trees and bush overgrowth

Clean out inside

Paint & Repair exterior





(Pending permits & approval)


Locate where plumbing went to (septic/leach field)

Design interior layout

Replumb inside

Reframe interior

Insulate entire building (spray foam would be ideal)

Connect to septic

Drywall & finishing of interior

Installation of appliances

Decoration & furnishing

Like any building/remodeling project, it's a big job and there's LOTS to do.  In this light, there is LOTS needed to make this happen!   First things first, though; despite our vision for this space, there needs to be a whole lot of paperwork done first (Permits, Approvals, Inspections, Variances, etc.) before anything can happen.  At this point, it's a dream with no end date in sight.


Contact us any time - we'd be glad to share in this project vision with you!  Thank you!

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